We launched Gorgeous Within in 2010 with the simple mission of providing women with tools to become the best versions of themselves; by giving them a safe space to grow and inspiring them to work on their mind, spirit, and body.

Since that time we have stayed true to that mission, hosting over 250 workshops and 12 events a year locally and globally. Our global footprint has worked with over 15,000 women across various cultures in countries as far as Zimbabwe, China, Canada and most recently India. We have built a social media and Facebook community with over 30,000 members. We have been covered by dozens of media outlets from OWN TV to ABC 7.

This year we decided to start developing a comprehensive 360 wellness app for women. This 360 wellness app is very important to our organization to be effective and achieve this mission as quickly as possible. However, in order for us to achieve this goal, it requires funding. Please consider becoming a donor for our app!