About Gorgeous Within

Our Mission is to Empower a Generation of Women to Succeed and Shape our World

Gorgeous Within is dedicated to inspiring women from all walks of life on becoming the best version of themselves. We inspire them to work on their mind, spirit and body leveraging events, workshops and technology. We challenge and empower them to grow then pursue their dreams.

How We Do What We Do

We leverage our technological, social and intellectual capital to inform, empower, educate and challenge. This includes: motivational speaking, customized events, thought leadership guidance, deep dive workshops and our App. We all know life can get messy and distracting so thats why we exist to help steer women back on course.

Whether a woman already feels driven to take a leadership role or she has not as yet embraced her true potential, we believe she must first strip away the distracting inner ‘nonsense’ and discover who she really is. She must discover her ‘Gorgeous Within’.

(1 Peter 3:3)

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Meet Vunzai

Vunzai T. Yeazel is the founder of Gorgeous Within & LiveBold Consulting, Inc.

Born in America and raised in Zimbabwe, she sees the world through a panoramic lens. Guided by her faith and life experiences, she founded this company in accordance with the core values and strategies she has applied throughout her life and business career.

As a motivational speaker, Vunzai inspires people to get things done and move past their perceived fears. Her down to earth results-oriented approach is complemented by outstanding organizational skills.

Vunzai is an innovative teacher and experienced business consultant who thinks outside conventional text. Her business, professional, and personal mission is to inform, challenge, and motivate clients and students alike to fulfill their full potential for success in business, ministry, school and life.

Email: gorgeouswithin@gmail.com

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