We leverage our technological, social, and intellectual capital to inform, empower, educate and challenge through:

Gorgeous within app

Our new App will create an on-the-go community for women, sourcing vetted coaches, providing products and services to our global network, and saving them time and money while helping them grow.

thought leadership

Honing our skills with over 10 years of leading and empowering women via workshops and events, we certainly consider ourselves experts and authorities. We have found most women will never ascend to the places of leadership or pursue their dreams without targeted and strategic assistance. Here at Gorgeous Within you will find both.

empowerment events

Our empowering events are like no other. We only do two a year and we make sure you don’t leave the events unchanged. We provide opportunities for women to connect professionally and personally while growing themselves. The best part is you never know where we will have them. Come out and be prepared to change!

deep dive workshops

Our purpose is not simply to have fun and have great conversations. We go deeper, and given our intimate safe environment, we get to the core of several innate issues women face. Through our Leader Within, Tackling Your Fears, Heart Break Hotel, Rise Like a Phoenix and Warrior Corner 60-90 minute sessions we have you covered. We engage with women in different occupations, across cultures and with varied interests, in varied domains of expertise, all focusing on each other’s growth.

motivational speaking

Our founder and other team members are available to come meet and speak to women of all ages and are bilingual. We believe all women need an occasional extra boot to refocus and recommit to themselves and/or their dreams.